May 12, 2006



Steve Yzerman: he has earned it !!!

(Hey, Mr. Yzerman. Please let us see the No. 19 on the ice again next season!)

May 11, 2006


Jeff Gordon - 4 time NASCAR Champion

Don't question this man's focus. Another win is just around the next turn.

And another championship!

May 05, 2006


Still wondering ...

As I contemplate which team to cheer for as this year's quest for the cup continues, (Maybe Edmonton? As the underdog, can they keep their momentum and provide Detroit some solace to having been defeated by the eventual champions?), the future for Stevie Y. as a player leaves me wondering ...

(By the way, isn't the Stanley Cup quite the prize?! I believe what makes it so special is the great teamwork & perseverance over adversity required thru several weeks of a 'second season', and the individual pain & sacrafice needed to claim it as the trophy of the victors! To then have one's name engraved on it, to become a part of it for all future champions to behold, is an honor only the few will experience. It truly is a unique crown in all of sports!)

May 03, 2006


The Wings: going home empty handed ...

... I wonder ...

May 02, 2006


A Class Act

"Congratulations" are offered to the Edmonton Oilers for their first round playoff success.

And a hearty "Thank You!" is expressed to the Detroit Red Wings for their exciting season and moments of sports entertainment pleasure.

Finally, I would hope the entire hockey world is ready to acknowledge the true leader Mr. Steve Yzerman is. His tremendous talent and willingness to "give" for the team is sadly too rare in pro sports today.

Thanks, Steve. I hope to see you in uniform next year for another run for the cup.

May 01, 2006


Time to Excel!

In spite of Detroit's many highly skilled & talented players and their various superior achievements during the NHL's '05-'06 regular season, they find themselves down in the first round, best-of-seven series with Edmonton 3 games to 2. Another loss will end the season and this chance to continue a run at the Stanley Cup.

Tonight's game 6 is their opportunity to excel as a team.
Tonight they 'win or go home'.
Tonight "BRING IT!".

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