February 28, 2006


Tuesday -

Well it is a Tuesday, the second day of another work week.

Time to fire-up the PC, check the email .....

(Hmmm? This seems familiar ..... )

(Now you know way "Groundhog Day" is on my 'Favorite Movies' list!)

We Engineers tend to be quite predictable, or as Spock (from the infamous Star Trek cast) would offer as explanation, "That's logical." This method to our approach can also get us in a rut without any spontaneity in our life. While impulsiveness can lead to mistakes, "same 'ol, same 'ol patterns" can make Jack a dull boy! (Note: The name have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Fortunately, as an Engineer, trained & skilled at various & effective problem solving techniques, I will analyse this dilemma and develop a solution that will be certain to be both safe and add some spice to life.

First, I'll need to list all the influencial elements, prioritize them according to degree of impact, relative importance, and ability to control; then map it all out on a matrix with probability factors calculated in. This should provide sufficient data to create potential courses of action to be hypothesized, tried, reviewed, refined, tested, improved, proved, selected, and implemented.
No problem! Just give me an hour for every decision to be made throughout the day!

While maybe dull, predictability does have it's advantages.

February 27, 2006


Monday -

Well, it is a Monday, the start of another work week.

Time to fire-up the PC, check the email (any "personnel changes" announced? any names mysteriously removed from the company address book?), review the day's e-calendar (no meetings scheduled yet today - good!), re-fill my cup of Java (most mornings I pick-up a 16-ounce styrofoam cup with lid, filled with "French Roast", black, from the local convenience store/gas station on the way to work, about a 20-minute drive from home; then reuse that cup throughout the day [6/7/8 times?!?!?] but add some powdered, fake cream & sugar to keep my breath fresh!), make the rounds and tell my fellow Engineers "Good Mourning" & etc., pull out my 'To Do' list that was left over from last Friday (and the previous Friday, and the previous Friday, and ... ), and plan the day/week. Then, after the various interruptions from my fellow Engineers telling me "Good Mourning" & etc., I scrap the initial day's plan/schedule and get ready for lunch.

After lunch (usually I just grab a 28-minute "cat nap"; eating something just makes me sleepy in the afternoon), I re-review my 'To Do' list (which by this time typically has another half-dozen or so items added since the start of the day by DD, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, [my boss - what a great gentleman!] [really!!!] [honest!!!] [he's a really nice man & good boss!] or anyone else that needs an Engineer to do something for them [which is just about everyone under the sun!], re-prioritize everything and make a new plan/schedule for "the day" [i.e. half-day]. Then, since time is by now limited to actually being able to start something, I figure: "I'll just start new & fresh in the morning!", and load the plant layout on CAD (which may make a good topic for a future posting - you ain't seen a plant layout 'til you've seen this one!). With that I'll "work" the rest of the day trying to figure out how to fit 10 pounds of manure in a 5-pound bag (that already has 20 pounds in it!) in such a way as to allow good movement of materials through the plant, efficient manufacturing lines (safe for the workers, best quality, no scrap, no waste, ... ), effective process flow (i.e. makes money for the company!) and all with no capital for new equipment.

I have a headache. It's almost time to "punch-out". I'm going home.

February 26, 2006


This "blob" thing is catchy!!!

My "Tanx!" to an old friend (not that he's getting up there in years but that I've known him for almost my entire life) for sparking an interest to waste time on this "blob" stuff.

Rougman: To you I tip my hat!

Keep writing your postings & I'll keep reading them.
(Who knows, perbe the Coach and I can gleen some wordy wisdom from your techniques.)
(Then again, perbe that's not the type of knowledge we need.)
(Then again again, perbe it can't hurt.)

Now, what should I fix for dinner ................................... ?
Rutabaga, (aka pizza rolls)?
Probably the usual - Jack's & juice!

February 25, 2006


Ahhhhh, Saturdays ..........

There's nothing like the opportunity to sleep-in for a change, (even if "sleeping-in" means only 7 AM). Mind you, I said opportunity. Still, it is better then the usual 5:30/6.

Now, what to do on a Saturday? Think, think, think, .....
Nah, thinking hurts; and, besides, that's what I do every other day of the week.

Perbe (note to LG: "perbe" is simlar to your often used "mayhaps", get it?) I shouldst just do the usual - laundry, dishes, garbage, animal cages, sweep, ... - after which I can enjoy a whole Jack's self-rising pizza (3-meat) with extra mozzarella (2 cups) and a jug of 100% fruit juice while watching a recording I made from earlier in the day of either an NHL game (preferably the Red Wings!) or a NASCAR race (any Jeff Gordon fans out there?) . (It's always best to record a sporting event, or anything for that matter, so you can fast-forward through the commercials.) (Unless, of course you want to see them, too, but "Why?!" I don't know.) (The only bad part is you have to avoid the news and/or anyone that may have seen the final score/results or they'll tip you off and spoil the fun and suspense of watching it after-the-fact.)

Sounds like the ticket to me! Care to join me? (Bring your own pizza & juice, though.)

February 24, 2006


Are 'pretzel rods' worthy of "The Official GW Between-Snacks Snack Food" designation? Your vote counts!

After careful review of the numerous GW-smack that has been flying through hyperspace (Oh! and "Thank You!" Al Gore for inventing the internet ..... ), I personally believe that 'pretzel rods' may indeed be worthy.

But what do I know; I'm still a non-participating participant.

Time will tell as it is certain that many more comments, both pro & con, shall be made prior to the highly anticipated GW12 that's now only 4 weeks away! (Man! I just gave myself goosebumps!)

Still planning .....


GW12: Still planning .....

As the annual Gamming Weekend approaches, let it be known that while I may be considered a dumm ... er, rookie, I do intend to take my place at the highest platform during the closing ceremonies while a heartfelt playing of "God Bless America" is heard throughout the land.

My companions will put forth a galant effort but not be able to overcome the crafty expertise I will put on display.

To the Victor go the spoils!!!!!


think, think, think ........

This is an effort to have my own place to share my thoughts with the internet world. Let the adventure begin!

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