February 25, 2006


Ahhhhh, Saturdays ..........

There's nothing like the opportunity to sleep-in for a change, (even if "sleeping-in" means only 7 AM). Mind you, I said opportunity. Still, it is better then the usual 5:30/6.

Now, what to do on a Saturday? Think, think, think, .....
Nah, thinking hurts; and, besides, that's what I do every other day of the week.

Perbe (note to LG: "perbe" is simlar to your often used "mayhaps", get it?) I shouldst just do the usual - laundry, dishes, garbage, animal cages, sweep, ... - after which I can enjoy a whole Jack's self-rising pizza (3-meat) with extra mozzarella (2 cups) and a jug of 100% fruit juice while watching a recording I made from earlier in the day of either an NHL game (preferably the Red Wings!) or a NASCAR race (any Jeff Gordon fans out there?) . (It's always best to record a sporting event, or anything for that matter, so you can fast-forward through the commercials.) (Unless, of course you want to see them, too, but "Why?!" I don't know.) (The only bad part is you have to avoid the news and/or anyone that may have seen the final score/results or they'll tip you off and spoil the fun and suspense of watching it after-the-fact.)

Sounds like the ticket to me! Care to join me? (Bring your own pizza & juice, though.)

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