February 24, 2006


Are 'pretzel rods' worthy of "The Official GW Between-Snacks Snack Food" designation? Your vote counts!

After careful review of the numerous GW-smack that has been flying through hyperspace (Oh! and "Thank You!" Al Gore for inventing the internet ..... ), I personally believe that 'pretzel rods' may indeed be worthy.

But what do I know; I'm still a non-participating participant.

Time will tell as it is certain that many more comments, both pro & con, shall be made prior to the highly anticipated GW12 that's now only 4 weeks away! (Man! I just gave myself goosebumps!)

Still planning .....

Any snack food worthy of world class poetry is certainly a snack food worthy of the "The Official GW Between-Snacks Snack Food" designation for GW12.

Asparagus is running a close second.
Honestly, I can't believe we've never considered designating it such before. Absolutely, I (I am the Official Commissioner of GW and of all things Official) now proclaim the Pretzel Rod as the Official GW Between-Snacks Snack Food.
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