February 27, 2006


Monday -

Well, it is a Monday, the start of another work week.

Time to fire-up the PC, check the email (any "personnel changes" announced? any names mysteriously removed from the company address book?), review the day's e-calendar (no meetings scheduled yet today - good!), re-fill my cup of Java (most mornings I pick-up a 16-ounce styrofoam cup with lid, filled with "French Roast", black, from the local convenience store/gas station on the way to work, about a 20-minute drive from home; then reuse that cup throughout the day [6/7/8 times?!?!?] but add some powdered, fake cream & sugar to keep my breath fresh!), make the rounds and tell my fellow Engineers "Good Mourning" & etc., pull out my 'To Do' list that was left over from last Friday (and the previous Friday, and the previous Friday, and ... ), and plan the day/week. Then, after the various interruptions from my fellow Engineers telling me "Good Mourning" & etc., I scrap the initial day's plan/schedule and get ready for lunch.

After lunch (usually I just grab a 28-minute "cat nap"; eating something just makes me sleepy in the afternoon), I re-review my 'To Do' list (which by this time typically has another half-dozen or so items added since the start of the day by DD, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, [my boss - what a great gentleman!] [really!!!] [honest!!!] [he's a really nice man & good boss!] or anyone else that needs an Engineer to do something for them [which is just about everyone under the sun!], re-prioritize everything and make a new plan/schedule for "the day" [i.e. half-day]. Then, since time is by now limited to actually being able to start something, I figure: "I'll just start new & fresh in the morning!", and load the plant layout on CAD (which may make a good topic for a future posting - you ain't seen a plant layout 'til you've seen this one!). With that I'll "work" the rest of the day trying to figure out how to fit 10 pounds of manure in a 5-pound bag (that already has 20 pounds in it!) in such a way as to allow good movement of materials through the plant, efficient manufacturing lines (safe for the workers, best quality, no scrap, no waste, ... ), effective process flow (i.e. makes money for the company!) and all with no capital for new equipment.

I have a headache. It's almost time to "punch-out". I'm going home.

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