February 26, 2006


This "blob" thing is catchy!!!

My "Tanx!" to an old friend (not that he's getting up there in years but that I've known him for almost my entire life) for sparking an interest to waste time on this "blob" stuff.

Rougman: To you I tip my hat!

Keep writing your postings & I'll keep reading them.
(Who knows, perbe the Coach and I can gleen some wordy wisdom from your techniques.)
(Then again, perbe that's not the type of knowledge we need.)
(Then again again, perbe it can't hurt.)

Now, what should I fix for dinner ................................... ?
Rutabaga, (aka pizza rolls)?
Probably the usual - Jack's & juice!

May I ask, Mr. Stonehands, where the word "perbe" came from? I must admit, I've not heard nor seen it used before.

Thank you in advance for your timely response.
lj - Due credit has been noted in a previous posting ("Ahhhhh, Saturdays .......... ", dated February 25, 2006) to my good friend LG.

If he can use "mayhaps" (MAYbe + perHAPS), I reason that I should likewise be permitted to use "perbe" (PERhaps + mayBE), agreed?

(Perbe Webster's will give me credit for the origin of this word in their next edition. Hmmmmm?????)
The scarey thing is that now I understand. Mayhaps one day soon we shall meet and discuss such words.
Perbe one day soon .....
Be serious. Does Jack's even make a rutabaga and turnip pizza?
I know they make the "3-Meat", but I'll need to verify if there is a "3-Veggie" (i.e. rutabaga, turnip, and asparagus).

On second thought, I think I just lost my appetite.
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