February 28, 2006


Tuesday -

Well it is a Tuesday, the second day of another work week.

Time to fire-up the PC, check the email .....

(Hmmm? This seems familiar ..... )

(Now you know way "Groundhog Day" is on my 'Favorite Movies' list!)

We Engineers tend to be quite predictable, or as Spock (from the infamous Star Trek cast) would offer as explanation, "That's logical." This method to our approach can also get us in a rut without any spontaneity in our life. While impulsiveness can lead to mistakes, "same 'ol, same 'ol patterns" can make Jack a dull boy! (Note: The name have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Fortunately, as an Engineer, trained & skilled at various & effective problem solving techniques, I will analyse this dilemma and develop a solution that will be certain to be both safe and add some spice to life.

First, I'll need to list all the influencial elements, prioritize them according to degree of impact, relative importance, and ability to control; then map it all out on a matrix with probability factors calculated in. This should provide sufficient data to create potential courses of action to be hypothesized, tried, reviewed, refined, tested, improved, proved, selected, and implemented.
No problem! Just give me an hour for every decision to be made throughout the day!

While maybe dull, predictability does have it's advantages.

I'm sure glad I decided to become a filthy rich athlete instead of just an engineer.
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