March 15, 2006


email addresses, websites & "friends"

Have you ever sent an email to someone and not received a response? Have you ever sent several emails to someone and not received a response? Did you think the recipient was intentionally ignoring you for some reason, maybe something you did (or didn't do!?)? Did you wonder if you had the right email address? Did you try to verify the address by checking emails from common "friends" to see what email address they used to make contact? Did you ask the common "friends" what the correct address is and be given a new one to use because 'this one is more current'? Did you use the new address? Did you use the new address for a couple of weeks and still not get any response from the recipient? Did you then really start to wonder if the person was upset at you, or thinking you're messages weren't worthy of a response? Did you again ask one of the common "friends" to check the address and let you know what really is the correct, most current email address for the recipient? Did you wonder if the "friends" really cared about whether you could contact them or the recipient? Did your "friend" give you maybe yet another email address to try? And perhaps also tell you a way to double-check the address(es) by going to the recipient's website and 'see for yourself'?

Well I did all of the above!
And I still am not sure of the addresses, the website or the "friends"!!!

This is what the website states:
Please visit this site later. It is currently under construction.
copyright @2006

And these are the "friends" I'm planning to spend a weekend together to talk about old times and "enjoy" some comradeship in the competition of some (many!) boardgames?! (Note: I think the seeds for this annual reunion where planted with some marathon Monopoly games right after high school during our first few years of college, in which, of course, I excelled at dominating the competition!). We may also play some hoops ("21" & H-O-R-S-E) and maybe go bowling or even try Wallyball (don't ask)! I thinks it's been over 5 years since I've seen these "friends" and for whatever reason (or excuse, depending on who you ask) I haven't been able to make it to the previous 11 "Gaming Weekend(s)", as the event is named, or "GW" for short.

But now GW12 awaits only 8 days away!
After weeks of preparation, much jibber jabber via email & internet (to most of the planned attendees!) and saving the pennies for gas money to drive to the host's house (I plan to take up a collection after I get there to be able to buy gas for the trip home; after I win over & over again, I figured they'll gladly donate just to see me go!),
I still haven't heard back from all of the invited "friends"!!!

And I'm not sure if some "friends" want me to hear from everyone else!

Well if I don't hear from everyone, I will be heard by everyone when the gaming begins!

To the Victor go the spoils!!!!!

Still planning .....

Wow, Stoner.

If I had friends like that I think it would be time for a change in my social wardrobe.

I'm glad I'm not someone like that.
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