March 03, 2006


Friday - the weekend starts at noon!

Seems while the mad rush is to make it to quitting time, usually around 4 or 5 PM for most, in order to begin their weekend plans, I am one who likes to "cruuuuise" into the start of my weekend by ramping down the 'To Do' list items from the time I get into work Friday up until around noon. Then I can start by checking around to see what plans others may have, make some "visual inspections of department layout moves to assess the status per the intended project timeline" that were done over the last few days, straighten-up my desk, clean-out the recycle paper bin in my office, and empty my waste basket. Provided there aren't any meetings scheduled in the afternoon (by some pain in the neck that just likes to make people stick around late on a Friday afternoon for some meeting!), I figure I can be all set to head out by around 3 just in case the boss says, "Go ahead and knock-off early today. You've earned it; it's been a long week.", (which he sometimes does - he really is a great boss!). (Honest!)

And since it is 11:55 about now, I'm gonna do lunch (i.e. cat nap) and start my weekend ..... !!!

I'm trying to figure out if your boss reads your blogs ("...he really is a great boss!...") or if he doesn't read it (talking about knocking off early, etc.).

Well? Which is it Stonehands?
I guess am trying to cover both ends.
Probably will backfire, huh?
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