March 25, 2006


GW12 Update:

Well it is Saturday morning, day 3 of our annual "Gaming Weekend".
A quick update -

I have had the great pleasure of meeting 'ol friends, sharing memories in (fairly) accurate detail (though there has been some disagreement about either Andrew and/or Stonewall Jackson and "The Perfect Storm" - don't see the connection? neither did I but it is very humorous once fully explained; maybe I'll attempt to do so at a later blog but not here - but trust me, to be at GW12 and hear the explanation is worth every belly roll [sorry LG & RK: no offense intended with the "belly roll" description]) , eating numerous snack foods (both in variety and in quantity, including the "infamous" preztel rods; though my lips have been toughened-up by pre-GW "PR Training", I am experiencing some discomfort and light bleeding by the habitual activity of passing the heavily salted delight over my lips on a frequent basis while gaming over the last 36 or so hours) and learning new board games as 'the rookie'.

I have succeeded in not being in last place 3 times!!!!! (Well, 2 technically - LG was at work yesterday and he finished last by default and I came in 5th out of the 6 total GWers.) And I've even acheived 4th - twice!!!

Today is a fresh start and me thinks it is time I made my run: do I sense a 3rd or even a 2nd in my near future?! (I would boost of my confidence for my many 1st places yet to be this weekend but I shall remain quiet on the matter for now.)

Stay tuned!

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