March 22, 2006


GW12's first Official Protest logged -

I've been railroaded! Seems that being given the tag "rookie" has left me little recourse but to accept my fate at this weekend's event to be drug through the likes of the infamous Mississippi mud, trod upon as an entrance mat at Grand Central station and looked down at as if from the heights of the Sears Tower!

According to the "Official Rule Book", the (self appointed) Commissioner (LG) has stated that the "rookie" status qualifies me above all other GWers to provide the "Official Opening Ceremony Drink" even though there was another GWer who's turn it is to do so (DK) and yet another who volunteered (KR) a clear 20 minutes prior to me being "volunteered"!

Therein lies my protest: how can one GWer "volunteer" another GWer, "rookie" status or not!? (I have yet to even see this so called 'rule book'!) Something stinks in Denmark and it ain't the fish! We'll settle this tomorrow as GW12 will commence at approximately 5:00 PM EST in "Sunny Caledonia". Surely a vote by the other GWers (RH & DH) is required, right? Be there!

Still planning ..... under protest!

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