March 31, 2006


"out" marches March, "in" rains April -

After a weekend away, this has been an exhausting week. But it is now Friday, the last day of March 2006.

In today's Bible devotional that I receive each day in series via email, (see here) , I was reminded that "Life is short, ... " and we should think: "Don't spend time; invest it."

I am thankful for the faith God's given me. With the way time 'marches on' and with all the challenges & surprises life has to offer day-by-day, it would be tempting to just fall into a discouraged attitude. But this is life today and this life today is short. The hope I've received from God is for the next life, a life of His glory, a life long lasting - eternal! This hope allows me to 'march' each day for His calling, for His glory. A "know-so hope", not a "hope-so hope", that when I trust Him, He will see me through the day and I can enjoy the blessings today of 'resting' in Him.

Time marches on and I am investing in the future by trusting God to lead me each and every day.

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