March 17, 2006


'tis Friday ...

... and time to review the To Do list for what I didn't get done, what was kinda done, & what just doesn't seem to be a priority any more. (I wonder why no one has asked about the tool fixture for the PVC project that was to be completed last May ... ?). Then I'll "shuffle the deck", set 'em on my desk and review it again Monday morning.

Now don't think I didn't get anything done this week. Oh, no! I accomplished A LOT!!! It's just that none of it was really on my To Do list. What did I do, you ask? Don't ask. I was SOOOOO busy, I can't even remember what all I did! 'Nuff said, OK? 'Tis Friday & the weekend starts at noon, (remember ... ?).

Have a good evening & I'll catch you in the AM.

By the way, only 6 days 'til the opening ceremonies of GW12!
Still planning ...

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