May 25, 2009


Life is good!

((I posted this comment at the Detroit Red Wings fan blog "Abel to Yzerman" earlier today in the 'comments' for two blog entries, "Keeping Secrets and Conspiracies" and "Hold Off On That Optimism Hawk Fans". While I don't approve of all the language used at A2Y, there is lots of fun Red Wings' fan support. GO WINGS!!!))

Great post, Chief, from top to bottom.

After yesterday’s stress-relieving funfest, ("Now That’s A Win!!!!!!!!!!!"),

… after a 60-minute effort of perfectly beautiful Red Wings hockey.
Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 05/24/09 at 02:48 PM ET
Exactly what I think we will see!
Posted by stonehands-78_WingsFan since the beginning ... on 05/24/09 at 02:55 PM ET

and today as a holiday, a day from work, sitting here at home in my boxers, drinking from a fresh pot of coffee, reading A2Y with all the fun, thoughtful, high-spirited and, yes, some good junvenile comments (to all the 19, “Thank you!"), there is little I could or want to contribute that would have significant benefit to the dialogue here - I’m just thoroughly enjoying the day and having the Red Wings and the 19 to share my enthusiasm and excitement!

Life is good!

Yes, I know we haven’t won anything, yet. And the economy is in the tank. And gas prices are going back up to whatever altitude Exxon-Mobile decides. And my 401(K) and IRA are worth half what they were a year ago. And unemployment is as high as its been in 20 (?) years, effecting all of us. And ... STOP!

This is not a day to think on those things. This is a day to relish the progress and acheivements in the quest to no. 12. So that is what I am doing for a time. Today is a day to sit back, relax and enjoy life as it is.

More importantly, it is also a day to remember and be thankful to all that have and are serving our country. And to be thankful for the freedoms we are allowed to enjoy because of the sacrafice of many to give the ultimate for their country and the principles by which this republic was founded.

John 15:13

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Thank you my friends.

And thank you God for Your wonderful love, mercy and grace.

Posted by stonehands-78_WingsFan since the beginning ... on 05/25/09 at 12:29 PM ET

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